PC Agent Cloud

PC Agent Cloud serves to store the records of the PC Agent monitoring process. The records are accessible by using your personal online account from any location with any common browser. To use PC Agent Cloud, you must first create an account at https://cloud.blue-series.com. To get to know PC Agent Cloud better we offer you the full use for 3 days free of charge. Just sign up and try out.

Settings in PC Agent

Start the control center on the monitored computer, click on «Settings» and then on «Send». Enable «Send records to the PC Agent Cloud». A token is required for authentication with the server. This token is valid as long as the license. To request or renew a token, click on «Request a token».

Send records to the PC Agent Cloud

Please enter the email-address and password for your account and click «OK».

Request Token

A license is required to use PC Agent Cloud. Please select a license.

Please select a license

Finally click «Apply». The records will be send to the PC Agent Cloud as soon as an Internet connection is available.