Self-Hosting Service

Self-Hosting允许您直接在系统上收集所有记录。这是有益的,因为记录的活动通常包含敏感数据。自托管需要一个带有PHP和MySQL的Web服务器。要了解自托管如何运作,您可以免费试用我们的Cloud-Service 3天。此功能仅适用于具有站点许可证的客户。如果您是PC Agent的站点许可的所有者,请与我们联系。 您将免费获得此功能的解锁代码以及自托管管理系统。


  1. Request the unlock code as well as management-system
  2. Open «config/config.php» with a text editor
  3. Change the «Database Configuration» to your requirements and specify the «Administrator Access»
  4. Upload all files to you web space

PC Agent配置的变化:

  1. Select «Sending records to Cloud-Service»
  2. Select «Self-Hosting» and unlock this option with the unlock code
  3. Specify the «Self-Hosting URL» to the «device.php» like: https://your-domain/device.php
  4. Press «Request Token»
  5. Enter the «Administrator Access» specified in the «config/config.php» during installation
  6. Press «Apply»

Sending records Self-Hosting-Service