Vergelijking tussen PC Agent en Mini Key Log

The following overview lists all the monitoring functions and other features of PC Agent and Mini Key Log.

User activities

PC Agent

Mini Key Log


Mouse clicks

User logon/logoff



File operations

Device monitoring

PC Agent

Mini Key Log

Power state


Dial-up connections

Data medium change


GPS Position



Internet monitoring

PC Agent

Mini Key Log

Visited web pages

Form data

Received and sent emails

FTP commands


Sending records

PC Agent

Mini Key Log

Storing records in a directory on the computer

Storing records in a network share

Sending records to an email address

Storing records in a FTP account

Sending records to the PC Agent Server

Sending records to Cloud Service

More features

PC Agent

Mini Key Log

Invisible in the process list

Selective user monitoring

Automatic uninstall

Delete records automatically

Protection against unauthorized use

Filter records

Forward recorded emails

Unattended installation and uninstallation

Remote access