Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

To uninstall the surveillance start the control-center on the monitored computer and click Uninstall. Please note that it's not enough to simply delete the control-center. As soon as the surveillance has been installed and started, it runs invisible without the control-center in the background. Therefore, the surveillance can only be uninstalled from the control-center.

Please download the software from the Customer-Center.

If the control-center is reported, copy the control-center to a removable disk, such as USB flash drive. Connect the USB flash drive to the computer to be monitored only if you want to configure the monitoring process or read the records. Stop the antivirus software in the meantime.

If the monitoring process is reported, create an exception in the antivirus software for the file path to the monitoring process. The file path to the monitoring process can be found in the control-center in the configuration under «Info».

A license key can't be used at the same time on multiple systems. When the license key should be used on another system, the license key must be removed or the software must be uninstalled. For information to remove the license key from the configuration, see the order page.

The control-center can be downloaded on the product page:

On the product page click on DOWNLOAD and store the control-center on your computer. After the download is completed the control-center is located in a directory on your computer. This directory is usually the Windows download directory for modern browsers. To view all downloaded files, start your browser and press the CTRL-key on the keyboard, hold down and press the j-key at the same time.

In the trial version appears a warning about the use of this software. This warning can be deactivated after entering a valid license key.

Here you can buy your license key:

Your license key to unlock the software is available in the Customer-Center. There you can also download the software.

    The control-center can be protected with a password against unauthorized use. This password is required to start the control-center on the monitored computer. This feature is only available with a valid license key. If you no more know this password, use the license key as password that you used to unlock the software.

    If you purchased a license key for a previous version, you can download this software from the Customer-Center. In the Customer-Center, you can also buy the license key for the latest version at a better price.

    Any software for Windows offered by us has been specially developed for use on Windows Terminal Server.