Store records in a FTP account

The records will be stored in the FTP account on a predefined time or as soon as the file size reaches the predefined value and the FTP server is reachable. The files can be opened with the control-center or the PC Agent Viewer.

The following settings are required:

1) FTP server
Hostname or IP-address of the FTP-Server. The used port is 21. If the server is accessible on a different port or should be used explicitly a specific port, enter the port separated by a colon (:) like

2) User
The user name to the FTP account.

3) Password
The password to the FTP account.

The following settings are optional:

Only if necessary, the name of the account.

Destination directory
Please note the directory separator. The directory separator on Unix-servers must be a slash ( / ), while on Windows-servers must be a backslash ( \ ).

Passive mode
The passive mode is recommended.

Connection security

Store records in a FTP account