Sending records to an email address

The records will be sent as attachment to the email address on a predefined time or as soon as the file size reaches the predefined value and the SMTP server is reachable. The files can be opened with the control-center or the PC Agent Viewer.

The following settings are required:

Email address
The records will be sent to this email address.

SMTP Server
The SMTP server (outgoing mail server) for the email address. In case you don't know the name of the SMTP server, please ask your email provider or click on the button next to it. The used ports are 587, 465 or 25. If the server is accessible on a different port or should be used explicitly a specific port, enter the port separated by a colon (:) like

Authentication with OAuth2
To send to an email address from Google are two options available:
1. Authentication with OAuth2
2. Enable the option «Access for less secure apps» in your Google Account.
To request the refresh token press the button next to it.

The user name to the email account.

The password to the email account.

The following settings are optional:

Records embedded in email as HTML
Sends the records embedded in email as HTML instead of a record file in the attachment.

Connection security