Self-Hosting Service

Self-Hosting allows you to collect all records directly on your systems. This is beneficial since the recorded activities often contains sensitive data. Self-Hosting requires a web-server with PHP and MySQL. To see how Self-Hosting is working you can try out our Cloud-Service 3 days for free. This feature is available only for customers with a Site License. If you're an owner of a Site License for PC Agent please contact us. You'll receive the unlock code for this feature as well as the Self-Hosting management-system for free.


  1. Request the unlock code as well as management-system
  2. Open «config/config.php» with a text editor
  3. Change the «Database Configuration» to your requirements and specify the «Administrator Access»
  4. Upload all files to you web space

Changes in the configuration of PC Agent:

  1. Select «Sending records to Cloud-Service»
  2. Select «Self-Hosting» and unlock this option with the unlock code
  3. Specify the «Self-Hosting URL» to the «device.php» like: https://your-domain/device.php
  4. Press «Request Token»
  5. Enter the «Administrator Access» specified in the «config/config.php» during installation
  6. Press «Apply»

Sending records Self-Hosting-Service