How to uninstall the surveillance?

See: Uninstallation

The software is reported by an antivirus software?

Download the software from the customer center and copy it to a removable disk, such as USB flash drive. Connect this removable disk to the computer to be monitored only if you want to configure the monitoring process or read the records. Stop the antivirus software in the meantime. If the monitoring process is reported, create an exception rule in the antivirus software for the file path to the monitoring process. The file path to the monitoring process can be found in the settings under «Info».

Can I use the license key on multiple systems?

It's not permitted to use a license key on several systems at the same time. If the license key is to be used on another system, the license key must be removed or the software uninstalled.

Where I can find the control center?

The control center can be downloaded on the product page:

After the download is completed the control center is located in a directory on your computer. To view this directory, start your browser, press the CTRL-key and the J-key at the same time.

How to deactivate the warning?

In the trial version appears a warning about the use of this software. This warning can be deactivated after entering a valid license key.

License key lost?

Login to the customer center using the delivery email address you used in your order.

Forgot your password for the protection against unauthorized use?

Use the license key as password that you used to unlock the software.

Are you looking for older versions?

Login to the customer center using the delivery email address you used in your order.

Does the software also work on terminal servers?

Yes. The software is specially developed for the use on Windows Terminal Servers.