PC Agent Server

ScreenshotPC Agent Server allows you to receive the records directly on one of your systems. Only one setting is required in the configuration of the monitoring. Furthermore, the program can archive and open the record files with the extension .pca. For a minimum order of 5 licenses of PC Agent you will receive one license key for PC Agent Server free of charge.

Settings in PC Agent

Start the control center on the monitored computer, click on «Settings» and then on «Send». Enable «Send records to the PC Agent Server» and specify a hostname or IP-address with which the server can be reached. The port is by default 45000 but can be changed in the settings of the server and in the settings of the monitoring process. Finally click «Apply». The records will be sent to the PC Agent Server as soon as the server is reachable.

Send records to the PC Agent Server


Computer with installed PC Agent. PC Agent is configured to send records to PC Agent Server.

Computer with installed PC Agent Server.

Router with port-forwarding to the PC Agent Server.