Site License for PC Agent

A license key can't be used at the same time on multiple systems. When the license key should be used on another system, the license key must be removed or the software must be uninstalled. If you consider to use PC Agent on a large number of your systems and would like to use only one license key then we recommend you to purchase a site license. This site license grants the purchaser the permission to use the license key on an unlimited number of systems on a single site. That means, on purchasing you will receive only one license key. But, unlike common license keys, this license key can be used on an unlimited number of systems on a site.

Special offer

For an order of a site license of PC Agent you will also receive one license key for PC Agent Server free of charge. Furthermore, you're eligible to request the unlock key for the Self-Hosting-Service as well as the corresponding management system.

$ 1758*
Payment types:

*Value added tax (VAT) can be added to the price, depending on which country you specify in the delivery address. However, the license key will be delivered exclusively via email.

The order and payment transactions will be performed by payment service providers. The payment service provider sends you after the payment an email with the license key(s).